Wednesday, April 17, 2013

JJ's Sweets: Cocomels

JJ's Sweet: Cocomels Review

Original: All  natural coconut milk caramels are artisan-crafted in copper kettles
Sea Salt: With a touch of Fleur de Sel, this dairy-free Cocomel delivers the perfect salty, sweet treat. 
From the Love with Food Card

I love getting my Love with Food box each month. It really does give me the chance to try new things. I was excited to try these. I love coconut and I love caramel! So you would think it would be the perfect combination.

The original was an okay combination for me. I love that was created with coconut milk. However, the coconut was to much for me. It had a very strong flavor, more than I was expecting. I would only be able to eat this in small does. I was really able to eat half a Cocomel because of the coconut taste behind it. 

The Sea Salt Cocomel, I loved. I felt like the sea salt balanced everything out that I didn't like about the original flavor. I wanted more! It had the perfect combination of saltiness and sweet. I am so happy that this was included because I don't think I would have liked Cocomels very much but the Sea Salt flavor combo is truly a winner!!!!!!!

Did you try the JJ's Sweets Cocomels? Did you like them?

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